Award Winning Technology

Quick Fitting’s quick connection technology & valves have been awarded Plant Engineering’s most prestigious award, the “Product of the Year” award in 2005 and 2008.

The team at Quick Fitting is proud to receive this honor, which recognizes our innovation and leading edge quick-connection plumbing technology.

About The “Product of the Year” Award

The “Product of the Year Award” is a premiere honor bestowed on only a few select products in the manufacturing industry from Plant Engineering. There are 18 categories and only three winners are chosen from 1’000?s of applicants. Finalists are chosen by a panel of industry experts.

Quick Fitting’s Award-Winning Technology

2008 Plant Engineering Product of the Year AwardQuick Fitting products work with copper, stainless, CPVC, and Pex. No flame, no fire watch, no torch, no propane tanks, no flux, no solder, no fire extinguishers, no fire permits, no fire insurance claims, no noxious fumes, and reduced flushing time. The patented Quick Fitting technology delivers unparalleled quality through a full range of ready-to-install quick connection plumbing products and fluid distribution solutions. What’s more, our products are backed by world-class customer support including training and consultation services, help lines and on-site assistance.